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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  January 8, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm EST

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as point of stopping out. >> josh. >> long but take it out. >> jpmorgan, talking about the financials, weekly options, 46s were active this morning. i tend to think these will move to the upside, hold 17. >> one more comment. earnings parade will kick off after today with alcoa. a lot wondering what the next leg for stocks will be, a critical time for the market. >> the biggest week will be the week the banks report, as always in the last quarters. coming up. that's going to be critical. right now we seem to have slowed down, stalled a little bit. if we have a new leg, on the backs. i agree with joe. >> i wonder what the fourth quarter earnings would show for banks, one of the better days ahead. >> they are going to be strong, look at the sectors, expectations for banks, goldman sachs. >> there's a lot of tail winds.
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>> have a great day. "power lunch" starts now. >> halftime is over. second half of trading day begins now. >> thanks. our top three stories have a common theme and it is fear. first up the fear of flying after boeing runs into even more trouble with the dreamliner. then there is fear of the flu. it is spreading coast-to-coast like -- well, like the flu. but since we're cnbc, we have found ways to profit. the fear of earning season. alcoa kicks it all off later today right after the bell. meantime let's get things started with sue at the nyse. >> breaking news, there's another problem with boeing 787. phil lebeau live in chicago. >> reporter: take you to boston.
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at the airport reports of responding to a fuel leak of a japan airlines flight that was scheduled to take off from boston to tokyo. as we take a look at shares of boeing, let's point out we have not confirmed this is a 787 dreamliner but that's the type of aircraft flying between boston and tokyo for japan airlines. again, this would be a fuel leak with an engine completely separate if it is a dreamliner from what happened yesterday. the reason we showed you shares of boeing over the last couple of days, this stock has been pummeled, down 4% over the last couple of days. in part because a lot of people have headline risk wondering if there's a more systemic issue with the dreamliner. howard labelle with jeffries, highly regarded there, put out a note. listen, this might be overdone. i'm understanding this is pictures of the japan airlines plane and it does appear to be a 787. as we understand it, it was preparing to take off for tokyo
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narita when there was a fuel leak for one of the engines. crews have been there responding. it doesn't appear there's a threat to any passengers or crew on board. the issue for investors, particularly those in boeing stock, is whether or not this is another problem for the dreamliner. >> yes. >> i want to get back to that note we were talking about. he put out a note saying, listen, dream liners had noticeable progress when it came to ramping up production. investors are walking on egg shells when it comes to this high profile program. the sooner the solution -- talking about the fire investigation -- sooner fined a solution, the sooner a bounceback in the shares. clearly that's not happening today. with regard to the incident yet. ntsb tells me they expect to have an update on that investigation later today. we were talking with airlines earlier today and they said,
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listen, dreamliner flights have continued as scheduled. we know there's an issue with the one that was just about to take off from boston. take a look at the number of issues we've seen with the dreamliner over the last month of remember, it was just at the beginning of november that united did the first domestic flight for the dreamliner. highly regarded flight, got a lot of attention. a month later an emergency landing in new orleans after reporting mechanical problems. a few days after that, cutr air had to ground 787 jets due to what they say was a faulty generator. united grounding four due to an electrical planl panel and a fire in boston. there's a lot of headline risk right now. >> they have confirmed it is a 787. i don't know if we still have that live shot available but let's put it up while we talk about this. there you go, logan airport. what do they have to do? they have to do something very
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quickly. you know this company better than anybody around. how do they mobilize? how do they contain this? what should they do next? >> you've got a couple of issues here. if this was a fuel leak for any other plane, it would get a little more attention. the problem is we're in a hyper extension tiff position ramping up production. boeing will try to get out in front of this with a public relations standpoint and say the airlines are continuing to fly this plane, they have overwhelmingly not had problems. there have been major issues reported. they are a bit handcuffed when it comes to the fire investigation. you have to wait and see what the ntsb says initially on the fire investigation. sue, he mentioned it there, investors are walking on egg shells. there's a headline risk. jim cramer on "squawk on the street" said it, i'm worried
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we'll hear about another problem with the dreamliner. this plane generally has been meeting expectations in terms of performance for the airlines flying it. the problem is the perception amongst investors with regard to a systemic issue with the dreamliner. >> you say investors are walking on egg shells. they are walking out now. down 247, 3% at boeing at 73.70. this plane from the production problems now to the flight usage issues, it feels like a snake bit aircraft. as you say, the public perception is one thing. i wonder if any airlines quietly, quietly are expressing concerns either to you or back channels to boeing about this aircraft. >> yes. they are expressing their concerns. have they picked up the phone since yesterday and picked up the phone and called jim, probably not. i suspect what we're hearing from the airlines and what they
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are telling boeing is the same thing they have been telling boeing over the last several years. a, are you going to deliver this aircraft on time. b, is it going to meet expectations. if that happens, again, for the most part, most of the airlines flying this aircraft are reporting that it is delivering on the expectations that they had set in advance when they ordered the aircraft. i know that's a little strange. some people will look at this and say, listen, there's all these problems with the dreamliner. generally speaking it is performing. having said that when you mention a fire on a new aircraft, a consultant in washington said to me yesterday said, listen, you mention fire on a new airplanish that's going to make investors worried. >> it is going to make investors worry. >> to answer your question, guys, the airlines have continued talking with boeing. >> i don't know if you know the answer to this one, phil. at what point does the government step in and either ground the fleet for inspection
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or put the company through the paces and find out if there's innate flaws. >> only if they can find a systemic issue. with regard to this issue in boston today, for all we know this could be something wrong with one of the engines on the plane. that's not a dreamliner issue, that's a problem with the engine. we have no idea what's going on there. with regard to the fire, i'm telling you if the ntsb investigator says this is something serious, not a one-time fluke with regard to this fire, they won't hesitate to take immediate action, grounding. >> it looks like it's being repositioned, moving down one of the runways now. i remember years ago, an aircraft called dc-10. >> the last one that was grounded, tyler. >> i'm telling you, people when you heard you were being booked on a dc-10, lots of people wouldn't fly them. ultimately that was taken out,
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though it still, i think, is used by air express carriers. >> sure. it still is in use. that was an extreme example following an aircraft crash. listen, we're not to that level with the dreamliner at this point. there are teething pains that go along with every new aircraft. remember, the wasn't long ago we were talking about airbus 8380 and cracks on the wings. it led to people saying things to me, i would never fly an 8380. those same people, i've seen them since then and they have flown an 8380. these are the things that happen with a new aircraft. boeing, they are in a particular tough situation, tyler. they understand there are teething pains there, but this is so high-profile, and that fire has garnered so much headline news. >> i didn't want to suggest the problems with the dreamliner was anything like problems with the dc 10. when an aircraft or model of an
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aircraft gets a bad rap or bad reputation, the public can be very leery of flying on it. >> to a degree, tyler. i think that is somewhat overstated. i'm not sure you'll find many people who say, what, i'm booked on that flight? i don't want to be on it. there may be some. i think that to a certain extent is overstated. >> isn't the greater threat at this point, phil, the threat of canceling orders, the threat of the major foreign fleets because these are meant to be long haul aircraft. you know what, until we figure out if anything is wrong with this aircraft, what is wrong with the aircraft, they won't place more orders, delay taking delivery. we're down almost 4% on the stock, by the way. >> sue, that is a concern. but keep this in mind. if you are an airline scheduled to take delivery of a dreamliner in the next six months. you placed that order five or six years ago. you were waiting for it, and you
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were confident if there were any issues they will be fixed by the time you take delivery of your plane. if you're a different airline and thinking about ordering a dreamliner, you're not getting any line to receive that until seven, eight years down the road. by then any teething pains there with this aircraft will have been fixed. the natural assumption is airlines will say, no way, i don't want this plane, there are problems with it. the reality is, a, the airlines realize there are teething problems. b, they are talking to other airlines with the dreamliner, they are saying, yeah, we've got mechanical problems but generally meeting expectations, they are not going to walk away from placing an order. >> can we put up a live shot again. the plane is being towed back to a gate to deplane passengers. that's what we're hearing. the stock bounced off its lows. we will continue to follow the story. boeing, as you know, that stock getting hit hard today.
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if you take a look at the other stocks in the sector, they have been faring much better. we have 52-week highs. republic, one of the leaders to the up side, up about 3% on the trading session. we mention add number of fears in the market. of course we're going to follow this situation at logan airport very, very closely all hour here on "power lunch." the other fear in the market very real down here, earnings season. kenny, come on in here. good to see you as always. you're with o'neal securities. andrew is going to join us as well. andrew, great to see you, too. let's talk about earnings season. a lot of earnings expectations have been cut. >> they cut them to the bone. they have lowered the bar. >> what kind of season will it be. >> they have lowered the bar. when companies step over they will say look at earnings season, what we did.
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kentucky fried chicken, missed a number, blamed it on china. the china story we'll hear going forward. we have a lot of companies, alcoa the big example. what's coming out of china. now a continuing story. >> what do you think? >> absolutely. stocks are already reflected a bad season. stock price is all about future earnings. >> we're down 80 points on the dow. >> the estimates have come down enough, so i don't think this is going to be a big reason to fear. maybe flying and the flu but not earnings. >> not earnings. >> i think what's going to happen, as is typical, the market will reward on an individual basis. if they really miss, punish the individual name. i don't think the market will punish the overall market. >> you see value as we wrap this up right now. >> absolutely. because companies that have done very well in terms of earnings estimate increases last year, they have been punished last month. >> december was not a good month. >> not a good month. i think there's real opportunity in those stocks.
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typically you get worried about companies that raise estimates because if they don't meet that whisper number, they sell off. i don't think that will happen this time. >> you may get a little more pressure but i don't think a crash. >> guys, appreciate it very much. a little short on time because of breaking news. thank you so much. earnings season kicks off after the bell. alcoa at the closing bell when the numbers come back to you. phil, back to you. >> cover your mouth for this one. the flu, a fear, the next fear in trifecta of fears. bertha coombs with us. the season is turning out to be brutal. >> the worst in 10 years. please don't stand so close. i love you but don't stand so close. >> google track is making it a highly watched realtime indicator on wall street. all north america is colored orange for high or intense red for intense activity. overall flu searchers are up 200% from the three-year
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average. asi analyst told me this morning as a key provider of flu shots walgreen's is seeing a modestly outside benefit for this high demand for immunizations but drugstores benefit from the other things we buy when we get sick. this is prime season for tissues. all that nose blowing. kleenex maker, kimberly-clark, lower tissues last year because of the mild season. sales should bounce back big this year. cold and flu season also big for helen of troy which makes vap vaporizers and thermometers. jason thinks diagnostic firms like whole logic, quest, should see strong demand for doctors who order tests. and up sharply compared to last year, hospital volumes could be strong this quarter. health management associates, community health, hca all have more than 80% of their beds in
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the states with the worst flu levels. with all that increased medical spending, insurers could take a hit on higher cost. estimate is, flu season is tracking five weeks ahead of schedule, tyler, so we may not see the peak until sometime in february. >> from what i hear, this is not an ordinary flu, this is an intense form. >> tracking, appears similar to the strain we saw in 2003 which came in early and was very, very intense. >> all right, bertha, stay well. let's go to chicago, breaking news in the bond markets, three-year notes up for auction. that means rick santelli is up for the action. >> thanks, tyler. first coupon sellers of the year, moved off the shelf a little while ago, yield 3.85, auction bid covered 3.57, this one excelled through that, 3.62. we see indirect 28.4, a little below the 10 auction average of 31. once again it seems to be direct
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bids really zooming. they have really had this issue the last several auctions in every maturity. 26.4. that usurps the last to 24.8. dealers took 45% of the option. i gave it a b. but it's going to be really interesting for tomorrow and thursday. the long end curves deepening to put really solid demand in 10s and 30s. sue, back to you. >> once again recapping a story we brought you at the top of the hour here on "power lunch." shares of boeing getting hit very hard today. that is because there's another problem with a 787 this time. it's at logan airport in boston. the stock is down better than 3%, although we should note that as off the lows of the trading session. there was a fuel leak. we don't know where it's coming from an engine or some other part of the plane. they are towing it back to the gate to get them out. we're going to monitor the situation. two great stories ahead.
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james on the wings and cortney on targets. >> sue, target making a big move, turning heads in retail. i'll explain after the break. first here is jane. >> hey, courtney. are you planning to buy chicken wings for your super bowl party? surprising news about pricing even if mcdonald's is playing chicken. we'll have that after the break. [ male announcer ] this is joe woods' first day of work. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up
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welcome back to "power lunch." we're looking at sarasota of occidental petroleum, the energy company up over 2.5%. the company saying it's cost-cutting man, an effort to cut $300 million in costs is on track. it should be visible in the fourth quarter and even more visible in the first quarter. investors like that news. stock up 2.55%. tyler, back to you. >> mary, thank you very much. target has announced a major move with implications for retail across the board of the company promising to match online retailer's prices year-round. there you see shares at $60.70 down half a buck. >> tart may be packing away holiday decorations but keeping price match around. the retailer will continue to match online prices, in addition to three-year running price match program many analysts not entirely surprised and think others will have to follow.
1:22 pm
susquehanna says the effort cannot be a holiday phenomenon. if you're going to build traction with your stores you have to be priced appropriately. tart made it easy to price compare now that all stores have wi-fi. the big question is impact on margins. on the margin front relative to walmart target is pretty close but exposed to amazon particularly in electronics and toys, which is part of the problem during the past few holidays. it's going to be interesting to see what competitors do. they will have to go this direction. >> a big issue for best buy. will they match online retailers prices dollar for dollar. sue, down to you. thank you very much, tyler. mcdonald's, a down day at $90.50. company set to make a menu change, bringing in the wings. shares down 10% over the past
1:23 pm
year. loving it, live in l.a. for us. >> hey, it's food, sue. what's not to love. mcdonald's may be picking just the right time to expand into chicken as usda says poultry prices have not been rising as quickly as beef, hamburger prices. mcdonald first tried the mighty wings product in atlanta. it did well enough it's expanded to 500 stores in chicago. we sent cnbc camera man bob pollack, let him get lunch on the company. his review, quote, they are actually pretty good. spicy, i've had much worse. believed wings could be a successful new product. quote, we note a national launch could create cost pressure on wings as it relates to supply, could result in sustained high pricing for companies selling wings such as buffalo wild wings. you want to think about margin. here is the thing they are up
1:24 pm
$1.72 a year ago to $1.92. 2012 peeked at $1.90, they dipped as football season start, consolidated concept that negotiates prices for thousands of restaurants says for its customers wing prices up 50% from a year ago but flat since autumn. it suspects normal increases to be tempered into super bowl season because of increased chicken production. though of course if mcdonald's gears up big time, guys, that could negate this increased production offset, tyler. >> jane, thank you very much. they look pretty good, making me hungry. next a stock up 90% in a year and we have the man behind the move in two minutes question number one, can he take the stock even higher than it is today. we'll be right back. she knows you like no one else.
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this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. welcome back to "power lunch." i'm at the new york stock exchange where i've been following iterations of bankruptcy option. we should know what the bids for different hostess plans should
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look like on january 25th, then a feeding frenzy of bids. though the situation is fluid, flowers foods looks like the likely stocking horse or baseline bid for that auction. that could be announced sunshine this week. it could change because it's fluid. flowers is a publicly traded company based in georgia. they have a lot of bread brands. wonder bread, those are some brands hostess has. another source of speculation. i'm told by sources, a mexican baking company is more interested in the snack cake side, twinkies, cupcakes, et cetera, that's where their interest will emerge. retailers walmart and kroger will stay on the sidelines for stocking part. they will see where prices are and decide whether it makes sense to continue. >> kayla, thank you very much. 2013 tarting off with a bang for onyx pharmaceuticals.
1:29 pm
onyx announced thyroid drug improved survival rates. patients in late stage clinical trials. they will test for wider use. joining me for exclusive interview is dr. tony coles, chairman and chief executive officer for onyx. let's start with the news about the drug that apparently met its goals with respect to thyroid cancer. it's a drug already approved for use in other forms of the disease. what would approval of the drug in this disease mean for your business? >> well, it's already approved for kidney and liver cancer and used around the world on hundreds of people. we've always thought it would have additional uses for different cancer. the amount of time they survive
1:30 pm
before their cancer grows was extended because of nexavar. it should be the basis of an fda application we will file with baer. this is thyroid cancer. about 90% of thyroid cancer cases we think could be helped by this new drug if other therapies have failed. we're very excited about this. >> let me ask you to drill a little on it. i may be treading into territory you're wary of talking about. how big a drug is it today in terms of revenues and the number of patients treated and how big could it be if it makes that transition into approval for thyroid cancer as you describe, something that affects hundreds of thousands of people. >> nexavar in 2011 was in excess of $1 billion around the world. we considered that a blockbuster in terms of sales. we expect 2012 we'll see a similar level of sales with some growth in the united states and
1:31 pm
emerging markets. while the number of patients who have this particular kind of thyroid cancer is small, these are patients who don't have any other alternative. the interesting thing here, there's an opportunity for them to remain on nexavar for a much longer amount of time. patients that have thyroid cancer live two and a half to three and a half years once they reach that stage. the opportunity to help those patients during that time period could help. i won't speculate on sales but this is the next in the series of opportunities. breast cancer is also on the horizon. we've got a phase three program enrolling now and should finish enrollment for nexavar in breast cancer. another opportunity for us to help even more cancer patients. >> give us a big check on the drug approved last summer in the treatment of multiple myeloma, a kind of blood cancer. the launch has, i gather, exceeded wall street's expectations. what's next for that and how is it contributing to your revenues and bottom line?
1:32 pm
>> well, as you mentioned, it was one of the two therapies approved by the fda last year. we're also excited about kyprolis. multiple myeloma it's used to treat is the second most common form of blood cancer. the patients we're treating are the sickest of the sick. they have run out of any alternatives. the launch exceeded expectations of wall street and others. it's been broadly adopted. patients appreciate they have a new alternative. there's more to come. in 2013 we're looking to take kyprolis out of the us, into expanding markets. we have offices to begin expansion outside the u.s. there's an important new revenue opportunity for us as a result of that. beyond that, we're also investing in earlier stages of treatment for multiple myeloma. we could help even more patients we believe because of some of the really positive data, phase
1:33 pm
two mid stage data that suggest kyprolis with other therapies to treat myeloma could actually improve the amount of time patients live before their cancer progresses. there's a lot happening. it's our proprietary territory and it's really establishing ongoingics as a leader. >> congratulations on the news of those drugs and appreciate your being with us. >> thank you. >> finally time for gold bulls. a bounce in the gold market. prices closing now, platinum with a significant gain. high, sharon. >> gold prices closing now. the highs of the session, 1650 level, that key level. we are looking at the biggest gain being platinum. as you mentioned, platinum a big winner today. up more than $25 on the session. some traders continue to talk about the possibility of minting a $1 trillion platinum coin to deal with the u.s. debt problems
1:34 pm
and perhaps prevent default. the real reason we see this surge in 2013 because of the supply issues facing that metal. that's likely to cause it to outperform other metals during the year. back to you. >> thanks, sharon. to nasdaq. seema following moves there. a lot of buzz in the biotech sector. >> absolutely, sue. biotech continues to be a bright spot for the markets as we get more news and developments out of that jpmorgan health care conference. let's run through names. hitting a high on the back of bullish commentary, celgene. a lot of optimism behind the drug it has in development specifically in the oncology space. other big movers, medicines co. an anti-clotting drug, that stock moving higher. vertex and gilead moving higher, gilead at the highest level
1:35 pm
since zero 2. >> thank you, seema, we should note we're 25 points off, down 60 points. we're talking earning season coming up next. plus why this woman became the star of a football game when she wasn't on the field and how she was thrown into the battle of the sexes. we're back in a moment. ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. whatever your business challenge, we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back.
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welcome back. bob pisani on the new york stock exchange. second day in a row drifting slowly south on not a lot of buying. that's the main problem we've got here. here is the dow jones industrial. i would say 15, 16, 17 points, boeing. hope you were all watching phil lebeau and the dreamliner returning based on a possible fuel leak. boeing at a new high at the beginning of the year, rough couple of days. telecom stocks, pcs had weak sub viber figures. that was yesterday that news was out, now the downside. finally want to talk about corporate bonds holding up well. big week for corporate bonds, look at the biggest corporate
1:39 pm
bond etf held up very well this year. back to you. >> mary thompson with a market flash. >> taking a look at shares of united technologies, come off the lows of the day. this as news pratt and whitney engine making unit has received a contract from a brazilian air manufacturer to provide engine for new regional jet basically replacing former provider of that engine. ge, former parent. sue, back to you. technologies off the low. >> thank you, mary. back with andrew, senior portfolio manager and managing director of morgan stanley wealth management. you have some stocks on your radar screen right now because so many stocks were really thrown out in december. you find that they are a good value. what are they? >> when you think about it, what a great strategy. buy companies doing well fundamentally, have reasonable evaluations. for one reason or another,
1:40 pm
giving you an opportunity to step in at a good price. that's what happened to a lot of companies doing very well. so i like stocks like amgen, watson pharmaceutical, texas capital bank shares, three different, one mega, one large, one midcap all doing very well. they underperformed the market last month. >> you also like europe. >> yes. >> you continue to like europe. >> yes. >> you've been very successful where you've placed your bets in europe. looking at hsbc in particular in the financial services arena. why that ver other stocks? >> look, europe had a very good second half of the year. that's coming off a bad 2009. >> the comparisons. >> 2010, 2011. we're only six months into this. european banks will continue to do well. yesterday restrictions to agreements. that will help those stocks. they remain pretty cheap even though they had a nic move. >> put a little risk in your
1:41 pm
portfolio. >> exactly. >> we'll have you back soon. back to you. >> power rundown. let's get right into it. first up aig paying back $182 billion bailout and launching a thank you america ad campaign. "the new york times" says the insurer may join in a lawsuit against the government claiming the deal was unfair. kayla, it's a gnarly story involving the former ceo there, mr. greenberg and his attorney. the famous one argued bush v. gore, david boyce. what do you think about this one? >> this is involving a former executive not current. the man has done a stellar job leading the company, getting them out of that bailout. being a director on a board, one of the most thankless, if they
1:42 pm
didn't do this for the shareholders, we would be knocking them down and say how dare they not think of return on equity, shareholders, something they have to entertain. i'd be surprised if they actually decided to do it. >> how about you, brian? >> i don't think there's any way to sign onto it. let's face it, the government can make it more difficult. they have to do the fiduciary responsibility. the bottom line, would you rather a 14% interest rate during the bailout or no company, zero cheryl values. they have come consider when the reported board meeting is tomorrow but i do not think they will go against the government after $182 billion. >> interesting principles at place, including fifth amendment, the government can't appropriate property without reasonable compensation. any rate, a closely watched case. a quick break. two other very provocative rundown topics for you. provocative, as if on queue. one involves this lady and comments from a sportscaster
1:43 pm
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so many things on "street signs" we can't get them all in. dreamliner becoming a nightmare. an impact on boeing stock. the reputation. ceo that announced an acquisition. this company treats very, very rare diseases and is all about new and smarter tvs at the consumer electronics show. who be losers. all those coming up on "street signs." top of the hour. back to you. >> let's pick up where we left off with rundown. former soccer star ronaldo moving to london and changing his career. he's taking an advertising job at wpp and he's going to work closely as mentor, mentee. why not, he's got a background in the marketing business or had
1:46 pm
one. right, brian? >> he has his own company. pro athletes when they retire don't know what to do with his life. this guy has not squandered his millions. he doesn't need the money. i almost liken this with warren buffett's relationship with lebron. if you have access why wouldn't you take advantage of it. that's what he's going to do. go to london, hang out in a sweet flat and hang out with him. >> i think it's extremely impressive. ronaldo, one of the most ubiquitous ever. he's not resting on his laurels. he benefited from the global marketing machine now he wants to get on the other side it and roll his sleeves up and do it with one of the best. >> in one of the best performances of all time mary thompson was at the game last night and she is here today, ladies and gentlemen, on the updatesque d that's point one. point two, ratings for college football's championship were
1:47 pm
higher than last year but lower than espn's first broadcast two years ago. what has everyone talking about is katherine webb. listen to brent musberger go on and on. >> that's a.j.'s girlfriend, okay? right there on the right is -- i tell you, you quarterbacks get a good looking woman. what a beautiful woman. wow. whoa! >> oh, brent, brent, brent. kayla, ladies first on this. did he go over the line? >> i don't think so. for her she's a pageant winner, miss alabama, of course has a lot of publicity. if you believe the adanlg any publicity is good publicity. for a return on investment. they have only been dating a month. to get that many followers, that's a pretty good return, not
1:48 pm
to sound crass. >> i have a great concern for those of us who talk for a living. sometimes we say more than we should. i think brent said a little more than he should there. not that i haven't from time to time myself. >> i have been there, too. listen, he may have gone 10 minutes into the gachl the game this kind of conversation sort which shows you how much alabama was pasting notre dame. sorry, mary. the bottom line, i checked her twitter page, 550,000, she had 24. this is good for her career. brent, in terms of what he said, people were a little sketched out for the dirty old man stuff. >> let he who never made a mistake on air. >> exactly. sometimes we go on a bit too much. we appreciate it.
1:49 pm
sue, down to you. >> thank you very much. coming up, live with alabama air philanthropist, talk about his philanthropic efforts in lank, my hometown and the mess in washington and whether he favors higher taxes for the rich. we'll be back in two minutes with an interesting conversation. at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in
1:50 pm
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. business leader eli broad founder of two fortune 500 case, kb home, the first ever listed here on the floor of the new york stock exchange. he's also one of the world's top art collectors. he's a major philanthropist, having given away $3.5 billion in his lifetime and he's a longtime champion of downtown lank's economic and cultural revival. he joins us live from the broad museum, future home to his exclusive collection of contemporary and modern art. it's a pleasure to have you here, mr. broad. thanks for joining us today. looks beautiful out in l.a. >> it's a beautiful day and great to be with you. >> tell us about the museum, how things are going.
1:53 pm
i know you've b on forefront of revitaling los angeles. give us a thumbnail sketch of how it's going. >> well, we announced two years ago and made great progress and expect to open in december 2014. the architect, did lincoln center among many other things. we're pleased to be next to walt disney concert hall. >> you're building this museum in los angeles at a time when the art market itself seems to be on fire, particularly contemporary art. tell us how you feel about the art market itself, specifically as an alternative investment. >> well, i never look at art as an investment. we were fortunate to have bought things in the '70s and '80s and '90s. there's no question they have gone up in value tremendously.
1:54 pm
i can't predict what the market is going to do. all i know is when values go up, our insurance cost goes up. we don't see it asinvestment. >> i know you buy what you like, and you have one of the most extensive collections of contemporary and modern art in the world. do you, though, find it reassuring that more people are embracing contemporary and modern art than they were in the past? >> yes, this is art of our times. it's only natural that people not only in america but throughout the world are embracing contemporary art. mostly american contemporary art. >> mr. broad, can i switch gears a little bit with you, because we mentioned you built two fortune 500 companies. you've been incredibly successful and incredibly philanthropic. we were talking in the news about what a contrast your endeavors have been to the
1:55 pm
disarray we see in washington right now. when you look athleticed officials in washington and their inability to execute, what advice would you give them? what would you like to tell them? >> well, it's time to get together. clearly we needed more revenues. we've accomplished that. now we've got to make sure that we get some major spending cuts and reduce our deficit. i think our economy is doing better, slower than we'd like. with housing on the upswing, auto sales good and now that this fiscal cliff has been avoided, hopefully consumer confidence is going to increase. >> one thing that worries some people, though, is the upcoming debates over the debt ceiling is going to be even more contentious, much more contentious, possibly, than the fiscal cliff debate that we just had. how damaging might that be to the economy in your opinion? >> i think you're going to work things out. i don't see the government stopping.
1:56 pm
i think they are going to work out and get over this next cliff. i'm not sure it's a cliff. it's just a small hill to climb. >> a small hill to climb. i think you might be in the minority on that one, mr. broad, but i'll give it to you. tell me about the los angeles economy specifically. you said you think the economy overall is getting better. what about l.a.? >> l.a. is doing a lot better. unemployment is down. it's now in single digits versus double digits in the past. we've got a number of major construction projects, including our museum, including things happening at the airport and elsewhere. there are lots of companies coming to los angeles. there are a lot of people from los angeles wanting to move downtown to grand avenue where all the activity is. >> indeed. well, when you open the museum, we'd love to come do "power lunch" from that beautiful site. thanks so much for joining us,
1:57 pm
mr. broad, good to see you again. >> good to be with you. following the breaking news we topped our hour with, another boeing 787 in trouble. we'll have the latest on that. the financial industry regulatory authority expanding its oversight into private trading venues called dark pools. all the buzz down here. we're back in a minute. [ male announcer ] staples is the number-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now get $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle when you spend $50 on hp ink. staples. that was easy. and having an investment expert like northern trust by your side makes all the difference. we add precision to your portfolio construction
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